Crop top for Petites: Yay or Nay?

I have to admit, I am not the most adventurous when it comes to trying out new fashion trends. There was a time back in college where everything goes… Wait, let’s not go down the nostalgic path again!

The thing is when I get into the working world of grown-ups, there are more rules to apply. And also it’s the budget issue. Not that I’m being frugal, but I refuse to spend on something that don’t work as hard as its fellows in my closet. Make sense? To deserve that spot in your closet, maybe that top has to work harder to win your love:)

For crop tops, I am feeling a little intimidated, baring my midsection! What what! I don’t even wear sport bra by itself in the gym, always with a tank top or t shirt over it.

But then again, it is a trend that works in petite girls’ favor. Why? Most often crop tops are paired with high waisted pants and skirts to balance it out, and also to complete that retro look. And remember the tips for choosing the right pants for petites? High waisted anything is our friend, as that will create a longer, leaner vertical line on our lower body. Check out these looks:

Crop Top for Petites

Selena Gomez in Crop Top and High Waisted Skirt

Crop Top for Petites

Rihanna in Crop Top

Interested? Let’s see how we can make crop top work for us petite girls:

For pear shaped like me, when all your assets are on the lower side, then it’s best to find a little baggy crop top, and a pair of skinny, high waisted jeans or leggings. A little like how Rihanna dressed in the picture above. This helps you show off your hips, while balancing the upper and lower body.

Get your own outfit:

  High Waist Broadway Jeans

Shark Tooth Pendant Necklace

Metallic Shoulder Bag


Now apple shaped, what for you girls? Fitting crop tops and an a-line skirt is a great balance. Remember those flowy midi-skirt that is so hard to wear as a petite, because they seem to eat up your body and make you look shorter? Well crop top is the solution for that, because they keep a nice and neat silhouette on top. Like these:

Crop top for petites

Crop top and midi skirt

Get your own outfit:

Texture Cotton Cropped Top Premium - Flared Midi Skirt

What if you’re not that confident to show your tummy to the world? Ahem, you’re not alone (I hear you! I do!). This is why there are mid-length crop tops, you know, those are a little longer than other crop tops but not quite the length of regular t-shirts. Still worried? Throw on a light cardigan. So when it gets colder, or when you run into his parents, you can quickly close the cardigan to get covered up. Check out this mid-length tops:


Cropped Chunky-Knit Sweater Monochrome Striped Cropped Sweater Distressed Cropped T-Shirt

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