How to Wear a Scarf if You’re Petite

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If you are like me, you would find yourself wondering how to wear a scarf if you are petite. Scarves make great fashion statements and can add a finishing touch to your outfit, just like how a piece of jewelry would. Plus they keep us warm and cozy, how practical.

The trouble with being a petite is that scarves can easily become too bulky on our frames. It certainly is not a reason why petite girls have to stay away from scarves though, because if worn right, it can even adorn your outfit and help you look effortlessly stylish. Here are my tips for wearing scarves as a petite:

1. Instead of thick and fluffy wool, go with cotton, chiffon, or tight knit instead:

The lighter materials will keep it nice and neat, even if you folded the scarf a couple times to keep warm. Sheer fabric is even better, as they keep you covered up but not completely and create a sexy hint to your outfit. I also love the light materials because they are so easy to carry around. In fact, my light knitted scarf is a staple in my carry on luggage, it doesn’t take much room, yet it always keeps me warm in the freezing AC air on the plane.

Dragonfly Scarf Paisley Print Scarf


2. Try to go with longer or larger scarf

If there is a scarf that is definitely a no-no for petite girls, I think that would be those square little scarf that is barely long enough to make one loop around your neck. You know, like a cowboy scarf. The last thing you want is a scarf that looks like a choker around your neck. It blocks off the vertical line drawing from your chest to your face, and make your neck disappear! That’s why try to go with a long scarf, or at least one that is big enough to fall into a long shape down your body.

Best scarves for petites

Small scarves like this are better for tall women

How to wear a scarf if you're petite

But petite girls look best with long flowing scarves like this

3. Fake a V-neck look

Remember our tips for choosing the best shirts and blouses for petite girls? V-neck is flattering, as it makes your upper torso look leaner and draw the eyes to your face instead. With a scarf, you can certainly create a V on your neck line. Simply hang the scarf around your neck with no loop, or use the scarf as a wrap. You can even keep it together with a cute pin, and tada, instant V-neck!

How to wear a scarf if you are petite

Turn scarf into a shawl to keep you warm and stylish

4. Make bigger loops to keep warm and still keep the vertical line

I get it, V-neck is not always the top choice, especially when it comes to keeping you warm. And looping your scarf is the trend now, what’s with all the hype about infinity scarves.

Petite girls can still wear scarves in loops. The trick is to pull down the loop into longer shape, this way it doesn’t hang too tight around your neck and make a bulky chunk there. Plus when you drag the loops down a bit, they will also keep your chest warm too! For square scarf you can also wear them low on your body like this to create a vertical shape:


How to Wear a Scarf if you are petite

Wear the scarf down low on your petite body

How to wear a scarf as a petite

Create a vertical line with a scarf

Even though the winter has passed, it doesn’t mean that you have to put away all your scarves either. In fact I find them very helpful in the transitioning season, when it’s hot during the day but cold at night. A scarf is not as heavy as a jacket and could easily be folded or tied around your purse when not needed. And when it gets chilly, you can easily whip it out to keep yourself comfortable. So hopefully these tips here will help you figure out the best way to wear a scarf as a petite girl and keep it cozy between seasons!



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