Petite Outfit Ideas: Fun date at the ice rink

I don’t know about you girls, but ice skating is my favorite activity for a date. Maybe it’s because I spent years in Michigan, or maybe it’s just the fact that the cold air makes you want to hold hand, cuddle, and just be close to each other. Romantic, right?

But of course before the big date, there is always a long period where you debate how to look cute for him. So what to wear to an ice rink if you’re petite? And it’s ice skating, so you cannot get too dolled up either, what to do?

Well the first time I went on a “date” on an ice rink was actually with a group and I just got out of class when they decided to go. So I didn’t have a choice then, I went in with my jeans and puffy jacket, which kept me comfy anyway. Nothing bad with that and I had a great time. I decided though, that if we were to do that again (we did!), then I still want to keep it simple, but with a few lovely touches.

Over time, this is my outfit of choice when it’s icy fun time!

1. Skinny jeans or leggings

I’m no good at skating and falling is kind of a part of learning, painful part that is. That’s why I would not go in the rink in a dress or skirt. Skinny jeans and leggings can also be tucked quickly into that ice skates easily, so you can hit the ice faster. They will protect your legs from the cold, and from any scratches or raw skin from rubbing on the skates.
Practicality aside, skates are quite similar to boots right. And skinnies with boots is a no-fail look for petite and all girls alike:)

Petite Outfit Ideas Petite Outfit Ideas Petite Outfit Ideas


2. Tops

Now with the top you can choose what is best for you. I am a pear shape, petite and curvy, so I like to balance my body with some flowy shirt if I wear leggings. Watch out for the length of the shirt because if too long it will make your legs look shorter. You can always tuck in the front for a more balanced and carefree look.
Remember that even if it is summer, it could still gets chilly in the rink. If you are more of a warm weather person like me, go with long sleeve, cardigan, or light jacket to keep you cozy. A light button up shirt is also cool, as you can always tie it around your waist if it gets too hot. Whatever other layer you choose, just remember to keep the length right about your hip. That’s the most flattering for petite girls.

Petite Outfit Ideas
Petite Outfit Ideas
Linen T-Shirt: Petite Outfit Ideas



Well, you will change into skate at the rink anyway, so choose whatever is cutest and match your outfit. Ice skating is all about fun and active, so I will go with something simple and laid back. Maybe adding a pop of color to the outfit. 
Another note is that it’s better to go with something without laces or complicated buckles. You know, less time fumbling with your shoes and more quality time with him!

Petite Outfit Ideas Petite Outfit Ideas Petite Outfit Ideas


4. Accessories

I like to keep warm, especially in the winter, with a cute hat and a scarf.  Other jewelry should be minimal, as they can injure you or other. But hey, a small necklace wouldn’t hurt right. (Find out How to wear a scarf if you’re petite)

Ombré Scarf: Petite Outfit Ideas Petite Outfit Ideas Cube Pendant Necklace: Petite Outfit Ideas


5. Makeup

As the rest of the outfit is all about simplicity and cuteness, I like to have a natural, no-makeup makeup kind of look. So just rosy cheek, clean eyeliner, and a quick swipe of a light lip gloss will do.


Hope that this post gives you an idea of what to wear as a petite going into an ice rink. Remember though, I had a lot of fun the first time,even though my outfit is not planned and has nothing special about it. As it’s often said, your smile is your best accessory, so have fun and have a great date with your guy!;) 


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