Petite Outfit Ideas: Fun with Pastel on Easter weekend

Even though I’m not a religious person, Easter is such a fun holiday to celebrate. Besides the fact that we get some days off (always appreciated! hehe), it’s telling us that summer is just around the corner, and winter is officially over!

Pastel is also my favorite trend yet, as the light, playful colors just remind me of the Easter eggs. And Pastel is so pleasing to the eyes, I think it is flattering for every girl, especially petite girls. Since our frames are small, pastel colors keep it light and not overwhelming. These are a couple of ideas, let me know what you think.

 Easter Outfit Idea #1: Light color dress with cute accessories

Easter outfit for petites
Get this look:
Chiffon Asymmetric Dress

Opulent Pastel Necklace
Classic Stiletto Pumps
Vintage Nude Frame Sunglasses with Resin Lenses
Mini Mint PU Shoulder Bag with Flap Front


Easter Outfit Idea #2: Pastel Pants with White/Nude Tops

Easter outfit for Petites 2

Get this look:
Elastic Waist Denim Jeggings

Mini Mint PU Shoulder Bag with Flap Front
Asymmetric Nude Chiffon Blouses with Leather Insert
Watercolour Print Foulard

Nude Check Loose Pullover
Classic Faux Suede Pumps


Easter Outfit Idea #3: Flirty Skirt with Pops of Sunshine

Easter outfit for petites 3
Get this look:
Vintage Yellow Full Pleated and High Waist Chiffon Mini Skirt
PU Leather Cross Body Bag in Banana Yellow
V-neck Cardigan with Lace Panel Insert
Classic Faux Suede Pumps
Contrast Sleeves Blouse

High Voltage Yellow Nail Polish


Easter Outfit Idea #4: Romantic in Nude

Easter Outfit for petites 4

Get this look:
Gathered Neckline Blouse Style Top

Mint Leaves Nail Polish
Peach Heart Gemstone Inlay Drop Earring
Soft Peach Chiffon Skater Skirt
Femme Floral Wedge Sandals
Retro Pearl Peach Heart Necklace with Leather Cord

What will you be wearing this weekend? What do you think about pastel colors?

For more styling and outfit ideas, check out my posts on How to dress better as a petite girl!



  1. I adore all these outfits! I love pastel colours so this is like my dream wardrobe haha. Btw do you think that ankle strapped shoes make petites smaller? 🙂 x
    | Life as a Petite |

    1. Hi TinyTang:) Thanks for stopping by and glad to see a fellow fan of pastel colours^^
      Well, if your ankle strapped shoes are 3-inch high then absolutely not haha (got a pair myself!). They said that ankle straps might make your legs look shorter, but I think only if the straps are thick or chunky.

  2. A that’s good because i absolutely love ankle strap shoes as well, but have been hearing that petites shouldn’t wear them 😦 But to be honest i’d never be persuaded to stop wearing them, they’re just amazing ahha :p x

    1. Yes! Rules are meant to be broken, right;) Anyhow, I don’t think I follow all the tips at the same times. Sometimes there’s this one item that everyone told me it’s not for my body type, but I want it so much! I might regret it later, but I might not. It’s a learning process right:P

  3. I love all the styles. I think I will wear 3 or 4. They are so cute ❤

    1. Hi Avi, thanks for stopping by, #3 is my favorite too^^

  4. I’m not petite by any means, but I love these pastels! Especially that first dress 😀

  5. I love the sunglasses in the first outfit! Great post!

    Lindsay xx,

  6. […] pastel colors charm everyone with their sweet, innocent, and adorable look, color blocking is more controversial. Some love it, some are intimidated by the bold and […]

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