How tall are you?

Average height by country - Fashion for Petites

Average height by country

In a previous post, I explained what petite size means in fashion.

I thought I might need to add that it was US and European fashion. Because where I am originally from (Vietnam), I am taller than the average, thank you very much. Put on a pair of heels, and I am already hovering above the crowd. In Vietnam, I was reluctant to wear heels to work, because I didn’t want to be taller than the boss and other guys.

Not until I came over to the US that I consider myself as a short person. I can put myself on stilts and still barely reach the next guy’s shoulders.

This picture caught my attention, as it reminds me of my experience, and that our heights are pretty much tied to the place we were from, the culture we grew up in, and the gene pools that define us as an individual. How tall you are depends on perspectives, depends on where you are.

And there is no better or worse when it comes to a person’s height, in my opinion. You can be beautiful and stylish, no matter tall or short. I do realize that a lot of people think the taller the better, or taller people are superior. I, on the other hand, believe that if it is something regionally specific, it should be considered as diversity.

Like Asians have black hair and dark eyes. Do we tell ourselves that those colors are not beautiful? No, we love that and coordinated our makeup and clothing to work with our dark hair and dark eyes. Why can’t we work with our own height, styling clothes accordingly to best fit our body?

And I embraced my petite frame. I do, I don’t want to change. And when I see a tall woman, do I think she’s less pretty that me? No. She is beautiful in her own way. I’m sure being tall or short, we each have our own beauty, and it’s time to embrace the fact that we were all born differently.

Just a quick thought. Happy Friday everyone!


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  1. Merrie K. · · Reply

    I can’t imagine ever having to worry about towering over my boss or co-workers. 🙂 (I’m 5’2″.) I guess i never realized that so many Vietnamese (or maybe Asians in general) are petite. That’s pretty cool to be 5’2″ and not considered “short”.

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