Same Outfit, Different Look: Look taller with one simple tip

So I always try to balance my outfit by pairing a flaring skirt with a more fitter top. And that works for me really nicely.

Until I start reading more and realize that I might have picked the right pieces but wore them wrong anyway.

This skirt in the picture wasn’t my favorite until now. I love the little lace details, and the pockets can hold my lip balms. Now, how many skirts can actually hold things? Not many, and that’s why I like it.

Like it doesn’t mean that I can wear it all the time and make it my favorite piece though.

Why? Because somehow I struggled with styling it. It just looks wrong. As I try to keep the top fitting, somehow the outfit still look unfinished. I figured that because I am a pear shape, the shape of the skirt just doesn’t work for me.

Until I started to read about petite fashion tips. And one of the tips was to wear high waisted pants to achieve a better ratio between the torso and the legs. And that got me thinking, my skirt can go as high as I want (elastic band, ladies, weird but adaptable lol) So I pulled the skirt up a little, and tucked the tank top in. Voila. A better me!

Petite Fashion: Same outfit Different Looks


The difference I think, is that with this look, I look more put together, with a better balance between the top and bottom.

The higher waist line sort of “fake” longer legs. Bonus point is that the skirt starts right at the narrowest point on my waist, highlighting that spot (my favorite spot, thank you very much:)

So what about you, have you ever realized a simple, quick tip that change your outfit dramatically? For me, this saves my skirt from another long period of abandonment, because I’m gonna wear this much more often now.

Petite skirt with lace and pocket

Cute lace and pocket

Lace Skirt for Petites

Love the pretty lace!

See how to find the best skirts for petite ladies.



  1. Merrie K. · · Reply

    Hi there! Yeah, I agree…the second picture does make your legs look longer. It’s a really cute skirt though. Sometimes I feel that tucking my shirt in makes my torso look too short if the skirt comes up high, but I think your’s hits in the right pace. I’m just finding your blog (I’m a fellow petite too) and can’t wait to look through your articles.
    Pop by and say hi sometime!
    Merrie K.

    1. Hi Merrie, thanks for stopping by! I agree that some high waisted pants and skirts can go too high and make the torse look too short, I watch out for that too:)
      I cant wait to check out your blog too!

  2. Great tips and look! Super cute! 🙂
    -Alex of

    1. Thanks Alex:)

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