Petite Outfit Ideas: Outfit Inspired by Beth from Walking Dead

Okay, so fashion and style is the least concern of Walking Dead’s plot. I mean, when you have zombies chasing you around every corner on earth, why does it matter what you are wearing right?

But then all the characters, the women at least, are always dressed with style. Not glamorous, but practical and still very cute in casual clothes. Maybe when everyone is running for their lives, you get to pick any outfit from the abandoned mall without paying, right? So girls gotta stay stylish!

Anyway, Beth was my favorite character in the show. She is portrayed as a young, naive girl who grows stronger and more independent through each episode. Maybe that’s why I have a soft spot for her. I don’t believe in strong, perfect superwomen who never makes mistakes. We all do, and hopefully learn from these mistakes. We each have our own weakness, but we learn to get over it, or not. Either way, weaknesses and how we deal with them define us as individuals.

Petite outfit ideas: outfit inspired by Beth from Walking Dead

Beth from Walking Dead

Back to fashion talk, Beth’s favorite outfits are usually skinny jeans and tank top. Practical right? And since she is a southern girl, there have to be a pair of cowgirl boots. Amazingly, between running for her life and scavenging for food, she also has time to complete the outfit with some cute, girlish jewelry.

So I thought, her style is actually pretty easy to adopt in our daily life. Isn’t it the essence of the outfit? Something cute, girly but still very easy to put together? We sure don’t need any stylist to dress like Beth.

Petite Outfit Inspired by Beth Walking Dead

Petite Outfit Inspired by Beth Walking Dead

In this outfit, I thought the outfit could be a little more playful with this Shoulder-straps Tank Top with Geometric Print. Skinny jeans and boots are a classic pair, which makes us girls look effortlessly cool. As mentioned in another post, I tend to like boots that stop right at my knees, to keep my legs look leaner, so these All-Day Strappy Boots won the vote from me!

Get this look here:
High Waist Denim Skinny Jeans with Zipped Cuffs
Lace Racerback Tank Top
All-Day Strappy Boots
Bohemian Multi-layer Beads Bracelet Watch
Essential Tank-Top

Shoulder-straps Tank Top with Geometric Print
All You Need Is Love Necklace

So have you seen Walking Dead? And who is your favorite character?



  1. I love how Beth dress in Walking dead. thank you for sharing. x

  2. Tiny Tang · · Reply

    I’ve never watched the walking dead but I do like this casual outfit! I sometimes struggle with more casual outfits, like how to style it rather than just jeans and a top;p so thank you for the inspiration, it’s great!:) x
    |Life as a Petite|

    |Life as a Petite|

    1. Aw thank you! I’m glad you liked the post!

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