Color Blocking: How to wear bold colors as a petite girl

While pastel colors charm everyone with their sweet, innocent, and adorable look, color blocking is more controversial. Some love it, some are intimidated by the bold and contrasting colors.

I personally think that color blocking is fun and full of personality. However, the bold colors can easily dwarf the small frame of a petite girl, and make it look like a pony threw up rainbow on her outfit.

It is not impossible for petite girls to wear color blocks though. Let’s take a look at some celebrity example and see how they work this trend. I found this article on type F with a slide show full of gorgeous petite ladies in color blocking outfits.

These are my favorite of the slide show:

Salma Hayek Color Blocking outfit for petite

Salma Hayek in black and yellow outfit

Niecy Nash Color Blocking Outfit for Petite

Niecy Nash in Pink shirt and dark pants

What makes these outfit work for petite girls is that although the colors are very contrasting, they keep it relatively simple at only two or three colors at a times. The block are quite simple and defined. In Niecy Nash outfit, she wore high waisted pants, which are always flattering on petite ladies. The contrasting colors in her outfit only help to define her waist and lengthen her legs.

And these outfits are definitely more wearable than the runway version of color blocking:

Color blocking on runway

Color blocking on runway

Here are a few examples of color blocking outfits that I think work really well for petite women:

Color Blocking Trend for Petite

Victoria Beckham in color blocking dress

Color Blocking for Petite
Kerry Washington in blue and emerald green dress
Color Blocking for Petite

Shay Mitchell in her yellow and light blue suit

Overall, I think the secret to coordinating a color blocking outfit for Petite include the following tips:

– If bold colors are too overwhelming for you, try to coordinate colors of the similar tones like the Green and Blue dress of Kerry Washington above. Or use a bold color with a softer one, like the bright yellow and baby blue colors of Shay Mitchell’s outfit.

– Keep the number of the colors to two or three colors on your outfit. If you would like to mix and match more colors, try to work the other colors into your accessories instead.

– Use contrasting colors in a way that works with for your body. For example, wearing a jacket of contrasting colors with your top create an illusion of leaner waistline, like Shay Mitchell and Salma Hayek above. You can also combine the contrasting color blocks with high waisted pants/skirts like Kerry Washington and Niecy Nash to make your legs look longer.

So what do you think of color blocking trend and what is your favorite outfit?

Ready to work color blocking trend into your petite style? Check out my next post on Color Blocking Outfit Ideas 🙂



  1. ooh I’m looking forward to your outfit ideas! I don’t wear bright bold colours and hardly colour block as I’m really worried it makes me look even smaller. But I’m probably very silly of being so afraid, I can just always try to see what looks right I suppose. I won’t do so any time soon until I’ve seen your posts though :p x

    1. you’re just like me^^ I found myself with a wardrobe full of black, white, nudes, etc. etc. and no bright colors:) but I’m trying to wear more colors now, kinda feel left out when other girls look so fresh and fun 😛

  2. Merrie K. · · Reply

    Great tips! I love color blocking too and I think petities can definitely pull it off! Kerry Washington’s dress is fantastic!

    1. Thank you! I love Kerry Washington’s style on her show Scandal. This one is really different from her usual chic, formal business clothes there but it’s great too:)

    1. Thanks Lindsay:)

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