Petite Outfit Ideas: Color Blocking outfits

In previous post, I put together some celebrity outfits with a focus on color blocking. Again, color blocking is definitely the trend, and it could be really fun and has a lot of personality. I do find it hard to work bold colors into the outfit. Bellow are some of my suggestions if you would like to jump on the color blocking band wagon

Outfit 1: Pink on Blue

Color blocking outfit for petites

Blue dress, pink jacket and accessories

I love blue and half of my wardrobe is in this color. The dark cobalt goes really well with pink, or nude colors in my opinion. The pink introduces a little warmth to the outfit, while it is still very subtle and doesn’t fight against the dark blue. Wearing an open jacket in contrasting color will keep the outfit work appropriate, while creating a flattering color blocks that helps us appear leaner around the waist line. By keeping the numbers of colors to only two colors, this outfit is also easy to wear even for petite girls. The clear color blocks keep it nice and chic without overwhelming our small bodies.

Get the look:

Cropped Pastel Tailored Blazer
Halter Neck Double Layer Dress
PU Leather High Heel Shoes in Color Block
Crazy Hearts Coin Purse
Shocking Cobalt Nail Polish

Outfit 2: Bright as sunshine

color blocking for petites

Bright red and green outfit

If you are brave and really love bold and loud colors, then might as well go all the way with it:) Because the color is so bright, it’s best to keep the outfit simple with a clean cut pencil skirt, which elongates the body. The button up top is a classic, with that you can create a flattering v-neck look. And yes, the purse is just so preppy!

Get the look

Wrinkled Effect Light Shirt
Candy Color Leather Bucket Tote Bag
Xl Link Necklace
Pencil Skirt With Belt
Ankle Strap Peep Toe Pumps

Outfit 3: Casually fun

color blocking outfit for petites 3

Casual outfit with fun and fresh colors

With this outfit, the color tone is kept light and easy with light blue and yellow. This way you can still play with colors without feeling too intimidated. Yellow and blue are my favorite as they are quite versatile and easy to match to different outfits.

Get this look

Sleek Colorblocked Sandals
Boho Doll Beaded Necklace
Ankle Length Denim Skinny Jeans
British Style Pure Color Shoulder Bag
Contrast Chiffon Blouse

Outfit 4: Color blocking for career girl

Color blocking for petites

Red and Navy: Perfect Combination for Career Girls

This is sort of a reverse version of the first outfit. I read somewhere that men almost always notice women in red first. It is the symbolic color that represents sexuality, confidence, and passion. Navy, on the other hand, works to balance that and gives it a more work appropriate feel. It’s the new black after all.

Get this look:

Blue Tailored Blazer
Embossed PU Messenger Clutch Bag with Metal Bar
Dark Blue Mesh Point Flat Shoes
Crepe Shift Dress
Chain Patterned Hinge Bracelet

So which one of these is your favorite outfit? And how do you feel about the color blocking trend?



  1. yayy i’ve been excited for this post! And I really like them! I think it’ll take me a teeny tiny bit more time to feel confident going out in such bold colours, but I definitely want to give it a try! Im not sure which is my favourite! I really like all of them. Great job Van 🙂 x

    1. Aw thank you Tiny Tang, your comment always make my day^^. If you decided to wear color blocks, definitely post in on your blog so I can check it out too! Would love to see your take on it:)

  2. I love them sweetie! Stunning color combinations!

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    Previews Blog Post: [Beauty & Style] .5 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Look.

    1. Thanks Diana:) xoxo

  3. […] to work color blocking trend into your petite style? Check out my next post on Color Blocking Outfit Ideas […]

  4. Merrie K. · · Reply

    I love the cobalt and coral look…I’ve never dabbled in that combination before but I’m going to! 🙂

    1. Oooh, if you do, please share the photos on your blog so I can check out too:)

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