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Shift Dress: How to rock a shift as a petite

  Shift dress is one of the trends that caught my eyes lately. You can see more and more of this simple silhouette down the streets and in the offices these days. I’m not sure what it is that draws me to this particular style. Perhaps it’s the simplicity and very chic shape, a little mix […]

Petites maxi dress

Maxi Dress for Petites

You know there is always one trend that you would love to try out so much, and it looks so good on your friend, but you just couldn’t seem to find the right way to work it into your wardrobe? For me it’s maxi dress. (If you are looking for petite dresses, check out my […]

Color Blocking fashion tips for petite

Color Blocking: How to wear bold colors as a petite girl

While pastel colors charm everyone with their sweet, innocent, and adorable look, color blocking is more controversial. Some love it, some are intimidated by the bold and contrasting colors. I personally think that color blocking is fun and full of personality. However, the bold colors can easily dwarf the small frame of a petite girl, and […]

Petite Fashion: Same outfit Different Looks

Same Outfit, Different Look: Look taller with one simple tip

So I always try to balance my outfit by pairing a flaring skirt with a more fitter top. And that works for me really nicely. Until I start reading more and realize that I might have picked the right pieces but wore them wrong anyway. This skirt in the picture wasn’t my favorite until now. […]

Easter outfit for Petites 2

Petite Outfit Ideas: Fun with Pastel on Easter weekend

Even though I’m not a religious person, Easter is such a fun holiday to celebrate. Besides the fact that we get some days off (always appreciated! hehe), it’s telling us that summer is just around the corner, and winter is officially over! Pastel is also my favorite trend yet, as the light, playful colors just […]


How to Wear a Scarf if You’re Petite

Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you are like me, you would find yourself wondering how to wear a scarf if you are petite. Scarves make great fashion statements and can add a finishing touch to your outfit, just like how a piece of jewelry would. Plus they keep us warm and cozy, how practical. The […]

What does Petite Size mean?

Petite is a French word that literally translates to English as small or little. But what does Petite size mean in fashion? When we mention petite girls, people often comes up with images of the Olsen twins or Victoria Beckham, who wear probably a size 0. It’s true that these three women are petite sizes. (Mary Kate and Ashley […]