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Shift dress for petites

I am back!

Isn’t it crazy that I am on this blog pretty much every day for about a month, either posting, updating, commenting, or even just staring at the stats, and then disappeared for 3 months straight. The past two or three months were crazy for me, when I switched jobs (and career too!) and move at […]

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

As a newbie of the blogging world, I didn’t know much about blogger awards, just saw a few posts here and there and it was a great source to find recommended blogs (aka, new people to stalk hihi). My blog is quite young age wise and post wise, thanks to my procrastination! I think it […]

Short Girl Advantages

Why It’s Not So Bad to be A Short Girl

So I ran into this hilarious video about the problems you might have as a short girl. And it’s so true, especially the problem of trying to find clothes that fit! And 1:01 “being supportive”, haha. No one has been that cruel to me, but hey, it could happen. Then I just want to let everyone […]

Color blocking outfit for petites

Petite Outfit Ideas: Color Blocking outfits

In previous post, I put together some celebrity outfits with a focus on color blocking. Again, color blocking is definitely the trend, and it could be really fun and has a lot of personality. I do find it hard to work bold colors into the outfit. Bellow are some of my suggestions if you would […]

Color Blocking fashion tips for petite

Color Blocking: How to wear bold colors as a petite girl

While pastel colors charm everyone with their sweet, innocent, and adorable look, color blocking is more controversial. Some love it, some are intimidated by the bold and contrasting colors. I personally think that color blocking is fun and full of personality. However, the bold colors can easily dwarf the small frame of a petite girl, and […]

Average Height by Country

How tall are you?

In a previous post, I explained what petite size means in fashion. I thought I might need to add that it was US and European fashion. Because where I am originally from (Vietnam), I am taller than the average, thank you very much. Put on a pair of heels, and I am already hovering above the […]


How to Wear a Scarf if You’re Petite

Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you are like me, you would find yourself wondering how to wear a scarf if you are petite. Scarves make great fashion statements and can add a finishing touch to your outfit, just like how a piece of jewelry would. Plus they keep us warm and cozy, how practical. The […]