Dress Better As a Petite

How to dress better as a petite girl?

Being petite has its perks sometimes. As a traveling girl, I was glad to be short on this sleeping bus in Laos, when I laid down comfortably in my narrow berth, while watching this 6 feet tall dude struggling to find room for his legs. Ha! Yes it is bad to laugh other other’s pain but hey, that proves my point of being petite is not too bad.

Not until you lost in shops that cater mainly to those half a foot taller than you, at least. And when you find yourself wandering around aisles considering what you could take to the seamstress and make do with. Yes, it’s hard to find clothes that fit.

But with girls, it’s not just about finding clothes that work with, not against our petite frames, right. You don’t just want to look okay, you want to look good. And this is how you will find clothes that look good on petite sizes.

Styling tips for Petites

Styling tips for Petites is quite simple, and it could apply to others too. It’s all about finding this that fit us the most and don’t dwarf our frames.

1. Shop for petite clothes that fit:

A pair of too-short pants will ended up on your calves and make your legs look shorter. Too long and you will be tripping them. Similarly, when it comes to shirt, you have to pay attention to the size and fitting carefully to avoid being eaten up. Not just how long and how big the shirt is, you also have to make sure the shoulder pad is not overwhelmingly big, or the arms is not too long. Of course you can always roll up the sleeves or have the hemlines shortened, but it’s easier to find clothes specifically made for your body, no?

What you need to know when shopping for pants as a petite?

Clothes that fit petites Best Clothes for Petites Best Clothes for Petites

These are the best brands that have clothing in petite sizes:

  • ThePetiteShop.com
  • The 16th Bar (specializes in petite styles)
  • Talbots
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Banana Republic
  • White House Black Market
  • J. Crew
  • Gap
  • Old Navy
  • Asos

2. Finding the Right Proportion for Petites

To dress better as a petite girl, you should try to find the right proportion on your body. I personally try to balance the top and bottom: if the shirt is loose or boxy, I paired it with leggings or skinny jeans. When I wear flowy skirts, I would keep the top leaner with a tucked-in blouse or fitted t-shirt. So there can be one boxy, flowy, large thing on top of bottom. Simple, right? Don’t try to have both because we don’t want to lose you in that endless pile of clothes!

See my tips for finding the right shirts and blouses for petites.

Best clothes for petites Best clothes for petitesBest shirt for petites

3. Coordinated colors look best on petites

Why is that? Since we have a shorter frame, having too many different prints or too many contrasting colors can be confusing and make us look even smaller. Instead, coordinate your color choices in the same tone for each outfits. One solid color dresses are great too!  On the same notes, a trick is wearing belts that match the color of your pants. This way, the belt will not fight the look and break your vertical line.

Best dresses for petites Best outfits for petites

 4. If you like prints, wear vertical

I’m not talking only stripes, but any pattern that runs vertically, like a vine of flowers, pretty huh.

Or remember those color blocked dress that everyone raves about? Those work too!

Best clothes for petites Best dresses for petites Best dresses for petites

For tips on how to find the best dresses for petites, see this page.

5. What about shoes and accessories? What look best on petites?

Shoes and accessories are necessary to complete an outfit. Flats and pumps work great on petite girls, as they leave the top of our feet open and drawn on the vertical line from our legs. Ankle boots, not so much. Basically we want shoes that don’t cover our ankle or stops right on the calves, the wider part of our legs. If you like boots, go for ones that stop right under your knees.

Best shoes for petties Best shoes for petites Best shoes for petites

With jewelry, purses, or hats, just avoid oversized items to keep everything proportionally. Or if you must, remember one big thing at a time!

Best jewelry for petites Best accessories for petites

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  1. this is such a great post thank you! i’m guilty of wearing ankle boots or ankle strapped shoes…they’re my favourite which is a bummer with being a petite 😦 thank you very much for sharing! x

    1. Aw thank you for commenting! I actually have ankle boots and ankle strapped shoes myself too, gotta break the rules sometimes:) I think it still works though if your boots happen to be of the similar colors with your pants though, like black on black, or black and navy:)

  2. this is a great post, Thank you for sharing. xoxo


    1. Thank you Yalda!

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