Petite Dresses

How to find the Best Dresses for Petite Ladies

Okay ladies, I have to be honest, dresses are my most loved items in the entire wardrobe. Reason? Dresses are pretty, easy to style – no worries about matching tops and bottoms, and a lot of them work in both casual and formal situations, just with the right type of accessories. Is it hard to find the right dress for our small little petite bodies? Not at all. Just keep a few tips in mind and you will find the right petite dress to wow your girl friends.

1. Fit like a glove: Finding the best fitting dresses for petite body.

Dresses that work with smaller frames don’t have to come in a certain style or cut, but because of our smaller frames, there are really no rooms for unfitted, crumbly mess. Therefore, definitely pay attention if you are looking for a structured dresses or the ones with stiff fabrics. These often screams confidence and will be perfect for that swanky cocktail parties, but just a little too large shoulders or bumpy waist could ruin that bold image you are trying so hard to project.

pic name Best dresses for Petite Best dresses for Petite

Dresses of cotton or other stretchy materials are the easiest to fit, as they often hug your curves and even make them looks nicer. Check out these Bodycon dresses, sexy, fitting, and bold.

Best Dresses for Petite "Best Best dresses for Petite

Looser fabric can also give you a forgiving fit. However, dresses too loose can cause unwanted revealing accidents, or make you look like you’re trying on mommy’s clothes. So keep it simple.

 2. Knee Length is the Right Length: Dresses that flatter your legs

I know I know, maxi skirts and dresses are everywhere, and they are just so lovely and romantic. But your knee length dress or shorter will show off your great legs and make you look taller, especially if paired with the right pair of heels.

Best Dresses for Petite Best Dresses for Petite Best Dresses for Petite


So can petite women wear maxi dresses at all? We will revisit this question in details later, but in short, yes we can. Just balance the look, if your legs are covered, make sure to show off your sexy shoulders in halter tops or tank tops. If the bottom is flowy, make sure your top is fitted and hug your upper body close.

Best Dresses for Petite Best Dresses for Petite Best Dresses for Petite

Check out this maxi dress that I found, so elegant huh?

This is perfect for petite ladies because:

– Embellished neckline means the eyes are drawn toward your pretty face

– Halter top shows off your sexy shoulders

– Solid blue is so flattering on everyone

3. Vertical prints: Dresses that elongates your body

Now I know some of you misses are picturing inmate uniforms. Gross! Stop it.

Vertical prints can go from very subtle to very bold, depending on your color choices and the size of the stripes.

Best Dresses for Petite Best Dresses for Petite Best Dresses for Petite


And not just stripes, any design that runs vertically would work to draw the eyes down the length of your body and make you look taller.

Best Dresses for Petite

For those of you who are afraid to wear prints, solid color would also works nicely, as long as you don’t break up the vertical visual flow on your dress. That means avoid wide belt or patterns of contrasting colors running horizontally. Keep a nice visual flow will create a nice and pleasant look.

Best Dresses for Petite Best Dresses for Petite



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