Petite Pants

Honestly, as a pear shaped petite, I hate shopping for pants. It’s like the only option available for me is skinny jeans, yoga pants, and the stretchy cousins of those two. Dress pants that fit my butt just can’t hug my waist too and it makes me uncomfortable.

But a girl gotta find her pants. Those interviews don’t just call back by themselves, gotta make a good impression. I tried on and bought so many pairs of pants to find the right fit and also the right styling tips for me. So from casual to formal, these are the tips I swear by to find the best pants for petite women:

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1. Bring it on: High Waisted Pants for Petites are your solution

Thanks goodness this retro style makes a come back as a trendy style, because it really helps us petite ladies to fake longer legs. Best paired with crop tops or tucked-in shirt, these high waist creates an illusion of leaner looking proportion. Just remember to balance your style: wide-legged pants should go with a simple, fitted shirt, while tight fitting pants need a loose shirt to balance out.

Best Pants for Petites Best Pants for Petites Best Pants for Petites

2. Pull It Down: Longer hemlines elongate your legs

If your pants stop short on your ankle, or even worse, on your shin, your legs would appear shorter. This is true for every type of body shape.

Therefore, try to look for pants that go pass your ankle to lengthen the legs a bit more. If you often wear high heels, it even helps to have longer pants that cover part of your shoes and cheated a few more inches.


Best Pants for Petites Best Jeans for Petites Best Pants for Petites

3. Leggings: The best active wear for Petites

Tights and leggings are the best way to keep your legs comfortable and showing them off too. Paired with a shirt dress, and bam, recipe for an adorable look!

Selecting leggings are usually not the problem, but it’s how you wear them. The most popular look is too wear them with boots, but for petites the wrong types of boots might not be flattering at all. For me, I learned that boots that stop just bellow the knees are the most flattering for me. Ankle boots or mid-calf boots just tend to chop off the length and makes you look much shorter.

Best Tights and Leggings for Petites Best Boots for Petites

The best look for us though, ladies, is wearing tights and leggings with pumps or flats that doesn’t cover our ankle. Especially with tights, the same color will drawn the eyes down your feet and make your legs look so much leaner.

Best leggings for Petites Best leggings for Petites Best leggings for petites

‘Kay, now you know what the best pants for petites and how to style them. How about dresses, think you know the best dresses for petites yet?


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