Petite Tops

How to find the Best Tops for Petite Ladies

Alright, so most of the time we would find tops at the Junior section or Misses’s and that works find for us. This is especially true for T-shirt, as the fitting cut and fabric is quite forgiving when it comes to different body ratio.

But… we don’t wanna dress exactly like our 12 year old cousin all the time right? These are a few tips to help you find blouses, shirts, and tops that fit you better and flatter your figure.

For general tips on styling your outfit, check out the fashion tips for petites.

1. V For Victory: V Neck Tops is the most flattering for petite

In my experience, turtle necks never work in my favor. Yes it keeps you warm, but so do scarves, and scarves don’t suffocate you!

Back to the point here, V neck on the other hand always makes me feel more comfortable. And it’s not without a reason: V-neck is supposed to be flattering for any woman, as it draws the eyes toward your face. V-neck also helps us petite girls because it creates a vertical line and enhance a flattering look for petite ladies. Another plus points? V-neck makes it so easy to pair with your cute necklaces and scarves. Accessorizing is the key to a well put together look.

Best dresses for Petite Best Tops for Petite Best Tops for Petites


 2. Proportional is the Key: Keep your top at hipline

I am a pear shaped, and for a while I loved wearing long flowy tops and to balance out my look. However, I realize later on that as a petite, it wasn’t a good look on me, as my legs appear even shorter. And that is unacceptable ladies!

So it’s not just about changing or faking your heights, it’s also about maintaining a proportional look. And therefore, it is best to keep our tops around the hiplines, to give our legs some room to show! For pear shaped ladies like me, we can attempt to go a bit longer, but definitely keep the length in check.

Best Tops for Petites Best Tops for Petites Best Tops for Petites

Oh and since we’re talking about length, here is a styling tips: Petites look great in tuck-in tops, especially paired with high waisted pants or pencil skirt. Anything that elongate my legs, ladies, is good in my book.

Best tops for petites Best tops for petites Best tops for petites

I love this lacy button up shirt, as you can tuck it in your pants or skirts easily, and the lace flowers also create a nice subtle vertical line. And the button up means you can always leave one or two buttons open to create a V-neck look. See, all the tips can be combined huh? (Click on image to see where I got it from)

3. Adjustable Strings: Tank Tops and Halter Tops are Petite’s Best Friends

So here is the thing: petite sizing is only different from other sizes in its ratio. So if you can adjust it, that’s the best thing right:)

And halter tops and tank tops offer exactly what is best for petite ladies. Just look for adjustable straps or the ones you tie yourself, and it will surely fit! Even easier is strapless tops that you can just pull up and go.

Check out this smart adjustable tanks and strapless tops. Cute huh?

Wait, that’s the tops. What about bottoms!! Check out the best pants for petites!


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